Rent of Business premises, Warehouses, Flats an Lands in Zaragoza

– Rent without intermediaries –

Inversiones García Mendoza, SL is a company who rent our own buildings, we are the proprietaries of the warehouses, business premises and flats in Zaragoza.

We can also help you to rent your own properties, or to look for third parties interested.

Business, warehouses and flats s

Our business premises are located on the most commercials streets of Zaragoza, on the city centres and in the neighbourhoods (Gran Vía, Costa, Lagasca, San Miguel, Delicias, Miraflores, etc)

Our warehouses are located in the best zones of Zaragoza (Polígono Miguel Servet, El Pilar, Jesús Vicente), Cuarte de Huerva (Polígono Santa Fé, Parque Industrial “El Polígono”, Los Huertos, Mazas, Valdeconsejo), Cadrete (Agrinarsa), La Puebla de Alfindén y La Muela (Centrovía).

Properties full equiped

Our aim is to build, buy or give the equipment of our properties so that the tenant do no have to invest in adapting the property to his own needs. Therefore, most of our warehouses have electrical installation, offices, toilets, etc.

In order to fill the fire requirements, in most of the zones were we have warehouses we have installed a fire group to give service to our properties. Also, most of the warehouses have the passive fire protections (fireproof structure and firewall wall).

We adapt to your needs

Our aim is that the lenders establish happily in our properties, so we negotiate personally the conditions of the contract.

We help you with the works, licenses, etc

We have a list of guilds and companies that can help you to stablish: electricity’s, builders, and technical collaborator (engineers, architects,…)etc.


If you need a warehouse of specific characteristics and we do not have it, we can built it for you. Actually, we have industrial ground at the entrance of the industrial state “Las Norias” at Muel, Zaragoza, and at Empresarium, Zaragoza

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